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Madness by KazeWolf Madness by KazeWolf
Another "Emotions" pic.

You know? I think drawing these are like a relase for me. It's like I extract them from my body. I find it very theraputic.

Alright, here we go!


It's your rock bottom, your breaking point, your moment where nothing else matters but just getting "it" overwith.

"Why God?"

It is human, like all feelings and should not be tucked into something shameful. The heart is not something to be ashamed of. Madness is somewhat of a keeper of ballance. After the fire and light, your mind is clear. Just don't drown in it; like anyother feeling.

"I can't take it anymore."

Wrath:[link] and Clarity:[link]
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chibifox95 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013
i want to see more, his expression is awesome!! the only thing I can say is ... I love your art!! :3
Lord-Kothless Featured By Owner May 17, 2008
A most insane piece of art... Magnificent
LinkNIvy Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2008
Nomisluck Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2006  Hobbyist
lol awsome you got the mood down just right, the shrunken pupils! the drool!@# the furry lmao @#! its great
Inspectornills Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2006
cool! Love the expression! < ^.^ >
ryuumajin Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2006
You draw this? You must be able to draw manga of this!

*aims RockBuster*

KazeWolf Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2006
*Draws as if his life depended on it* @______@;;;;;
The-Misfit Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2006   Digital Artist
its great to see another talented anthro artist!
KazeWolf Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2006
:blushes: Why thank you for the compliment :hug:
artizek Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:lmao: He looks very ecstatic, beautiful work on the hair, the teeth, and the way he drools a little.
Skeebe-Fox Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2006
could maddnes be linked with mania ?
Silkeyn Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2006
Lol, I know how it feels. Luv the pic too XD.
TerraForce Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2006
On rare occasions, I am able to draw similar things from myself, though they do better when they're poems than visual art. (If I try to draw, I typically end up botching it horribly and end up making myself even more frustrated or whatever than I don't usually go there.) However, they're very, very cathartic.
I'm really enjoying the sheer emotivity of these pieces. More, please.
ToniSerinn Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow That's really awsome! I love the look of madness on him, and the facail expression is excellent! wonderfull work ^^
playawithminds Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2006
I like this series of emotion-inspired works you are doing, with that sort of sketchy look and all... Truely awsome!
Of course I love all your work, but you know what I mean ;P
:+fav: and im going back to make sure i :+fav:ed the others as well, cause i forget sometimes... ^^;
KazeWolf Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2006
yeah! I draw the faces in MS paint first, then send em to OC4 to be painted accordingly. I spend alittle too much time on both stages. Even tho they /appear/ (and this one only took me about 20 minutes XD) I put alot of work into them.
tygorgrinnem Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome art, buddy... as usual... =D

INSTAFave :boogie:
Lupinrager Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woah. It seems like a rush with the way the background is portrayed. You can't see anything straight.
I like the expression, so very, very manic
Zero115 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2006
Looks great Kazey, madness...theres tons of madness going on, but it makes things fun and enjoyable most of the time.

Also feels like me when I get stressed out on things.
Sinatzeek Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's beautiful... very good line art and the color fit perfect.
rozial1610-alive-aga Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2006
I like the background color. nice job showing the breaking point in "human" emotions. The tear in the very fabric of life.
Strype Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2006
In a world like this, only the truely insane wouldn't feel madness. Excellent work. Keep posting more of these, they rock!
CrimsonWolfe Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2006
:O Another wonderful pic to your series! Love the expression! (But I guess that's what these peices are about eh?) Anyway, You sure delivered this time!
chaosgundam Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2006
put a space helmet on him, and it'd be like an anthro version of Clotho Buer..nice.
urbanwolf Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2006
*chuckles* i can only imagine what he is looking at. nice job hon.
white-wolf-sasuke Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2006
i really like this one ^^ portrays how i feel alot of the time with all these dumbasses that surround me... >.o
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